What are you changing to reach your goals?

So you’ve set your goals, now what are you prepared to give up to attain them?


Once you have set your goals, you now need to decide what you are prepared to give up to attain those goals.  Do you need to give up some of those delicious but calorie rich foods or will you need to give up time in front of the tv or computer to achieve those goals?  Make no mistake, if something is going to change you are going to need to make changes so the changes you want to occur can.


Goals without behaviour change will lead to failure.  So I ask again what are you prepared to give up?  Making the changes necessary to achieve your goals is hard, it’s going to required consistent behaviour change over a long period of time.  And, unless you want to return to your original condition, those changes will need to be sustainable for the rest of your life.

So how do you make these changes?  Start small.  Instead of a 375 ml can of soft drink with your meal you might change to the smaller 250 ml cans and over time you might reduce the frequency of how often you have those.  You might start with a small walk for 10 minutes and over time increase the duration until you get to 30 minutes and then you might increase the intensity.


Change is hard, realise this and learn to identify the self-sabotaging behaviours that you engage in that prevent you from reaching your goals.  Think about the way you talk to yourself when you are trying to resist the temptation to fall back into old behaviours.  Do you tell yourself, “just one won’t hurt”, “it will be alright if I miss my walk for one day”.  This self-talk won’t help you reach your goals.  Realise that you are rebelling against yourself and what you have decided you want to achieve.  Change that self-talk to positive talk about achieving your goals and make the healthier choices and feel good about them.


Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.