Master of Exercise Physiology
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition

Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA)
SIRA (WorkCover)
NDIS Registered

I became and Exercise Physiologist to help people improve their health both physically and mentally.  Unlike many other methods of treading disease and illness, exercise has no negative side effects and greatly improves a persons health and wellbeing.  I hate to see anyone, particularly our elderly, lose their independence and need to rely on others simply because they didn’t move enough or use the correct exercises, in the right amounts at the right intensity to bring benefits to them.  

I love working with my clients and building those personal and trusting relationships.  I love seeing them get the results they need and have worked for and seeing their life and ability to undertake normal every day tasks improve.  I look forward to helpin you too.

Why Exercise Physiology?

I strongly believe that exercise can greatly improve almost all chronic disease conditions and disabilities and allow people to live their best most productive life. I hate seeing people go into care or have their health condition deteriorate simply because they didn’t move in a way that will bring them positive change. Surely a little structured exercise is better than the alternative?

I love working with people and great personal relationships lead to the best results.